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TobioTuesday 11th of January 2005 08:59:29 PM
Software - hi,

does anyone know of some good Indonesian language software and/or good online langauge courses? preferable free sites and software.

let me know what you think.
tinkerbWednesday 12th of January 2005 04:13:12 AM

For a very simple start, you can try looking at:

This has some very basic phrases and vocabulary.

For the same information with audio:

Other lessons (not sure how good they are):

For a site with more structured lessons (14 of them) with a few interactive exercises, go to:


Of the software for purchase, you can look at

101 Languages of the World (probably about 2-3 stars on a scale of 5 for usefulness, 1 star for fun). Approx 35$

Rosetta Stone (I have only used the abridged version due to the cost of the Personal Edition, 3 stars for usefulness, 2 1/2 stars for fun) Approx. 35$, Personal Edition approx 200$

Eurotalk TalkNow Indonesian (1-2 stars for usefulness but 4 stars for fun because it has some good games and interactive listening segments)

I'm sure Benny will have some other suggestions! You can also play games in the discuss--feel free to join in at any time, start up new vocabulary/sentence games, and post whenever you have questions.