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~*Jasmine_333*~Monday 24th of January 2005 12:01:52 PM
~The New Girl~ - Hey I'm new, and is there Anyone from indonesia? Does anybody know Indonesian? or just want somebody to talk to?
bennylinMonday 24th of January 2005 05:29:37 PM
- hi, my name is Benny, and i'm indonesian, and i could teach you indonesian, and many people here know indonesian. we can meet at Classroom room if you want. PM me first, ok ;)
chudoriMonday 18th of April 2005 05:07:33 PM
Indonesian speaker - Hi, my name is Phill and I am an Australian who speaks Indonesian. If you would like some help learning indonesian just send me a message. If you just want to Classroom, send a message also.