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ZaynabSunday 22nd of May 2005 10:33:47 AM
Looking for a penpal! - Hello and Salaam Alaikum! =0)

I can't believe I'm the first person to start a topic in this particular discuss! LOL...

I'm a 34-year-old female American Shi'a Muslim revert/convert and I'm looking for another woman to be penpals with (no men please, no offense, my faith doesn't allow friendships with men). I use Yahoo Messenger ALOT, so that would be a good way to keep in touch; I don't have a video camera (and probably wouldn't want one either haha), but I do have a microphone, so actually talking would be great too!

I'm not picky about age, as long as you're over, say, 14. Other than that, I like meeting new friends of all ages, from all walks of life and all religious faiths.

If you don't know much English, don't worry about it! I don't know much Arabic yet, either, so we'll learn together insh'Allah. And if I'm able to go for Hajj with my husband in December/January, time (and funds) permitting, we may be coming to Iraq as well (insh'Allah, insh'Allah, hehehe) to stay with his family for a few weeks, so we may even get to meet in person. How cool is THAT? =0P

I certainly hope there's another woman out there in Iraq looking for an American penpal; the emptiness of this discuss is a little worrisome lol. But, insh'Allah, it'll happen.

Can't wait to meet you!!

Zaynab =0D
RemyThursday 23rd of June 2005 01:05:33 AM
- hi zaynab,

lol i think that the loneilness of this discuss is because learning arabic is in the arabic discuss:D over there are many posts and lessons going on maybe you should take a look and see what you can find :)