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jeffMonday 13th of January 2003 05:39:24 PM
Safe for American's? - Some people may laugh at this question, but I am planning to ride my bicycle across Iraq and would like to know first hand from people who live there, just how unsafe would this be? Is there a main road that cuts through the entirety of Iraq? How dangerous? Thanks
abasSaturday 27th of March 2004 03:27:34 AM
Camel !! - It,s as save as using shuttle toward Mars for Camel trainer
who wish to have direct access to NASA information!!!
icenWednesday 08th of September 2004 03:37:31 AM
- Well, jeff seems to be serious...ROTFL!!!
Don't you own a tv set, don't you read the Internet news? Do you think rational? OMG...