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diarmuidhFriday 07th of January 2005 05:34:06 PM
IRA and Irish Politics - Sorry mate but you are mixing up a lot of things here!

I am Irish from the Republic.

The protaganists from two sides if you want to simplify are:
Nationalists or Republicans,IRA,INLA,Sinn Fein,Irish Government,SDLP etc

Unionists or Loyalists,UVF,UFF,Unionist party,British Government COnservative party

This is a big simplification and on the both sides there is vast differences of opinion.

In the Republic Of Ireland most people are Catholic and mostly Nationalist that doesn't stop them despising the IRA and the violence they stand for!

Others see them a legimitate group trying to get Irish the Republic where I live their political wing Sinn Fein get about 8% of the vote..

In the US Irish-Americans patronize Sinn Fein more than any other Irish political party evn theough they are a minority party in the Irish Republic..this is due to ignorance ignorance of the reality of the Troubles in Ireland

this discussion should probably go under the area Ireland and not Irish Gaelic..I will post it there ok?
nixonMonday 10th of January 2005 03:29:53 AM
- you seem to have a few things simplfied in the republic you don't have the same pressures as ther is in the north the stuggle is mostly happing in the north am from Derry myself and i support the IRSP as the IRA/Sinn Fein ar eselling out to britan and if you know people who dispise IRA,INLA then you should go and school them on what army they should be hating for the voilance that is in Occ. Ireland it is british imperialist force that have brought this to Occ. Ireland this you can c because 6 counties are under tyranny
Monday 10th of January 2005 04:14:46 PM
- Your viewsz are definitely in a minority in the Republic and I dare say in a minority in the North by not supporting the ceasefire.
diarmuidhMonday 10th of January 2005 04:20:11 PM
- You are in a very small minority in the North by not supporting the ceasing of violence..strange you only appear on this discuss when a debate like this should happen!

For others here there is some dissident nationalists in Ireland who dont support the end to political violence they probably get less than 1% support in political terms.

I would especially ask Irish Americans like Soxmonkies to read more on the Irish problem as it is a lot more complicated than English bad Irish good.

That Nixon should only post when this comes up should indicate he is not serious about debate.
nixonMonday 10th of January 2005 09:50:32 PM
- i have been in this discuss and i just came across it as for political terms nothing ever moves forward the only thing that has happened is the gfa (good friday agreement) and that is a farce as nothing in it has been lived up to by any goverenment both Irish and english the only people who have benifited from it are the "sell out brigade" (s/f ira). You can see this for ur own eyes as Dessie O'hare is rotting in a prision cell and he should qualify for early release, as part of the gfa states, i might not be totally indated with political correctness but i know what i c with my own two eyes. As for saying that I am part of a small minority, you would b the 1 who is political inncorrect on that matter as the stuggle to free Ireland from british impeirilism and to set the six counties free from the tyrant that is britan is still very strong and has a vast number of working class people supporting it.

"freedom looks distant cause we are on are kness, let us rise to are feet"