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soxmonkiesFriday 07th of January 2005 02:40:23 PM
Spark of controversy - What are your feelings on the IRA, Terrorist Group or Freedom Fighters? Please when you comment state where you live, so we can see determine if theirs a bias opinion or not. It seems to me a lot of people from U.K. believe the IRA is a thuggery, and terrorist. I don’t blame them, but I’m saying there is a bias.

My feelings on the IRA are with the Republic, and I’m a strong Unionist in Sinn Fein fashion. I’m from the United States though, and grew up hearing about how the English people have wrong the Irish.

diarmuidhFriday 07th of January 2005 05:37:10 PM
response in Ireland discuss - I have posted a response in the area Ireland instead of Irish Gaelic as it is not relevant to discussion of the Irish language..
nixonMonday 10th of January 2005 03:12:48 AM
- The IRA are an army the terrorists in Irealnd are the crown forces i live in Derry ireland and we r steeped in history concerning the systamatic rape of r country and its people but if ur wonding about armies and who is who the INLA are the peoples army we adapt a left wing approch we are socilists striving for a 32 county soverate state
nixonMonday 10th of January 2005 03:18:06 AM
- any army dubbed a terrorist army have the name because crown forces have given that name its a name given 2 them so that people like urself will qestion who is the right for more info go to
remember crown fores have trown innocent men and women in jail for just being irish and then they let TEN MEN starve to death