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cristallyFriday 01st of April 2005 04:08:26 AM
What's so special about Ireland? - I would like to know ,what has Ireland and no other country has it,why is Ireland so special?

For foreigners:please tell me your opinion about the irish people,irish tradition,irish culture...

For irish people:what things would you tell to a person that doesn't know Ireland to impress him?

Thank you for your partecipation.
diarmuidhTuesday 12th of April 2005 08:15:00 PM
- I dont know hwy Ireland is seen as so special! I know some of our music is great! and our views are spectacular but other European countries have them too!

We are good at making positive propaganda about ourselves I guess!

Why are you interested in Ireland?

koolkerrieTuesday 17th of May 2005 04:52:35 AM
- I honestly don't know why people see Ireland as a brilliant place. We have the Giant's Causeway, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, the stories behind it are pretty interesting. If you're a child at heart, anyway.
RosalindThursday 26th of May 2005 05:47:20 PM
- The fantastic Riverdance that amazed most of Europe at the Eurovision song contest...

Northern Irish Catholics love to be "Irish" so they are unassociated with the troubles recognised worldwide. Or so I believe.

Many Americans have ancestors from Ireland.

Generally I find Irish people are very friendly and easy to Classroom to (if you understand their fast pace of conversation!)

OK so I am Irish/Northern Irish, but I wanted to look at the big picture.