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JuliaFriday 07th of May 2004 01:23:07 PM
Can you teach me some Italian? - Hey everyone, I'm new to this site. I stumbled upon it under a google search. I'm just wondering if anyone here will be able to teach me the beautiful language of Italian? My parents are both Italian and moved here when they were teenagers. We all speak English, but I would love to be able to speak Italian fluently someday.
ZepellinMonday 07th of June 2004 11:18:20 PM
Italiano.....? - Ma Certo che si!!! Se tu vuoi impararlo...perche' non insegnarti? Sicuro che si... Tu solamente dimmi che vuoi sapere...o come cominciamo...ed io ti aiutaro'....

bella_monaSaturday 21st of August 2004 03:01:08 PM
hi - hey

i would LUv to Learn ItaliaNOOO 22