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CalypsoSaturday 03rd of April 2004 10:16:03 PM
I love to hear Italian! - I would like to communicate with someone who could help me learn Italian. I would be happy to help them with English.
I would also be interested in having an Italian pen-pal. My
interests include reading and cooking. I lived in a city in Southern California, but last year moved to a small town in Central Iowa surrounded by cornfields. I am 56 years old, and live with a cat and a turtle. (In my backyard and frontyard, I have many birds and squirrels that I feed.) I also enjoy listening to Italian music, even though I don't understand it. I really liked the song (Fume Blue?) in the movie, "Ginger and Cinnamon."
Pyros_amanteTuesday 06th of April 2004 08:27:57 AM
ciao! - ciao! come sta? (how are you?) i know some italian, enough to have a conversation with someone who speaks that language. my friend paolo teaches me most of it though.
CalypsoTuesday 06th of April 2004 01:36:03 PM
Salve, Pyros! - You are way ahead of me! No parlo Italiano at all. Come sta? Lo voglio to parlo Italiano someday. I live in a very small town, so taking a class is not possible. Buongiorno, Calypso