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alexanapThursday 12th of August 2004 04:59:27 AM
Introducing myself - Hi everyone, I'm Phyllis, a beautiful 24 yrs old lady.
I'm a recent graduate, working with Coca-cola East africa and Islands.When they are not trying to make me analyse financial numbers i love to read, i write a bit; actually more like putting thoughts on paper. I love to sing in the shower; with a voice like mine that's the only place my family will allow.

I love nature, rivers, parks, animals and waterfalls(my favourite), i think they are musical.
I listen to classical music, jazz, instrumental, concerto, chamber......anything that allows me to sit back and just drift.

I dance..the one thing i can do really well....salsa, lingala, ragga...pretty much anything...i have to be able to dance, I'm African you know, where everyone has rhythm.

I draw...charcoal, pencil, ink sketches...particularly love doing potraits and abstracts. just letting the pen take control.

Ok i think that is enough....Did i tell you why Italian.....I think they are really special .....we owe alot of what we call civilization to those roman brutes who kept taking over countries and regions.

I like their passion for life; everything they do is done passionately...eating, business, and most important: loving.