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carla1604Thursday 17th of February 2005 06:16:34 PM
Italian accented characters - Hi everyone, :)
Here's how to type Italian accented characters:
With the NumLock key on, hold down the ALT key and strike the three- or four-digit code sequence on the numeric keypad for the desired characters.
Alt-133 – Alt-0224
Alt-130 – Alt-0233
Alt-138 – Alt-0232
Alt-141 – Alt-0236
Alt-149 – Alt-0242
Alt-151 – Alt-0249

Carla ;)

djohnsonSaturday 19th of February 2005 01:28:03 AM
Typing accents - Thanks, now how I type capital letters with the acute accent.
carla1604Saturday 19th of February 2005 02:34:56 AM
accented capital letters - Hi Daniel, :)

Capital letters in Italian are usually not accented.The ' (apostrophe) character is used to write accented capital letters
The word "" (=is) at the beginning of the sentence is usually written E'.

Carla ;)
Lydia2182Friday 08th of April 2005 06:17:55 AM
Accented Characters - Ciao Carla,

Grazie on adding this thread! I was wondering where to look for the information, then found it right here! Thank you again!