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SlashRoseFriday 20th of May 2005 04:47:01 AM
Italian Classroom - My main objective on this site is to learn Japanese, but secondary is Italian. I think it would be good to learn by Classroomting on AIM/Yahoo/MSN messengers. It could be one-on-one or it can be a group thing that when we are online with each other we can create a personal Classroom and we could learn that way. If anyone can speak Italian and would like to participate, feel free to PM me or post your screen name here. Thank you.
carla1604Friday 20th of May 2005 05:07:28 AM
- Hi :)
I'm available to Classroom in italian, you can add me to your contact list if you want, check out my profile to see my screen names.

SlashRoseSaturday 21st of May 2005 04:02:19 AM
- I have added you onto my YIM list, Carla. If anyone else would like to Classroom you are certainly welcome. My YIM screen name is SlashRose1010