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carla1604Monday 13th of June 2005 01:23:55 AM
Italian - common mistakes - Hi everyone, :)
I have noticed that English speakers when writing in Italian, often make similar mistakes, so I thought to start a thread about common mistakes. :D

Here are some:

1. In Italian, subject pronoun is usually omitted.
Though using the subject pronoun is not really wrong, it sounds a bit unusual.
E.g. an italian speaker would say: Ho 25 anni e abito negli Stati Uniti, not Io ho 25 anni e io abito negli Stati Uniti.

2. Idioms
To need something in italian translates as avere bisogno di qualcosa
I need = Ho bisogno (not Io bisogna)

In certain expressions, the verb to be translates as stare instead of “essere”.
I am well / I am bad = Sto bene/sto male (not Sono bene/sono male)

Present progressive in italian is made with stare + gerund.
I am reading a book = Sto leggendo un libro (not Sono leggendo un libro)

In certain expressions, the verb to be translates as avere instead of essere.
I am 25 (year-old) = Ho 25 anni (not Io sono 25 anni)

The preposition in is often translated as a
I live in Rome = Vivo a Roma (not Io vivo in Roma)


I'll post more in the next days


Ciao :)