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carla1604Monday 30th of May 2005 12:57:12 AM
Italian PHRASES 00 - Italian PHRASES 00

Italian alphabet was originally composed by 21 letters, and did not include J, K, X, Y, W.
Nowadays, since in italian we use a big deal of foreign words, 26 letter alphabet is used.
Besides each letter I put its name in brackets.

[color=blue]A, a (a)[/color] as in [color=red]un amico[/color] = a friend

[color=blue]B, b (bi)[/color] as in [color=red]una barca[/color] = a boat

[color=blue]C, c (ci)[/color] as in [color=red]una casa[/color] = a house

[color=blue]D, d (di)[/color] as in [color=red]una donna[/color] = a woman

[color=blue]E, e (e)[/color] as in [color=red]un elicottero[/color] = a helicopter

[color=blue]F, f (effe)[/color] as in [color=red]una farfalla[/color] = a butterfly

[color=blue]G, g (gi)[/color] as in [color=red]un gelato[/color] = an ice cream

[color=blue]H, h (acca)[/color] as in [color=red]un hotel[/color] = a hotel

[color=blue]I, i (i)[/color] as in [color=red]un’isola[/color] = an island

[color=blue]J, j (i lunga)[/color] as in [color=red]una jeep[/color] = a jeep

[color=blue]K, k (cappa)[/color] as in [color=red]un koala[/color] = a koala

[color=blue]L, l (elle)[/color] as in [color=red]un letto[/color] = a bed

[color=blue]M, m (emme)[/color] as in [color=red]una mano[/color] = a hand

[color=blue]N, n (enne)[/color] as in [color=red]una nuvola[/color] = a cloud

[color=blue]O, o (o)[/color] as in [color=red]un orologio[/color] = a watch, a clock

[color=blue]P, p (pi)[/color] as in [color=red]un pesce[/color] = a fish

[color=blue]Q, q (qu)[/color] as in [color=red]un quadro[/color] = a painting

[color=blue]R, r (erre)[/color] as in [color=red]una rana[/color] = a frog

[color=blue]S, s (esse)[/color] as in [color=red]una sedia[/color] = a chair

[color=blue]T, t (ti)[/color] as in [color=red]un tavolo[/color] = a table

[color=blue]U, u (u)[/color] as in [color=red]un uomo[/color] = a man

[color=blue]V, v (vu)[/color] as in [color=red]un vaso[/color] = a pot, a vase

[color=blue]W, w (vu doppio)[/color] as in [color=red]un wafer[/color] = a wafer

[color=blue]X, x (ics)[/color] as in [color=red]uno xilofono[/color] = a xylophone

[color=blue]Y, y (ipsilon)[/color] as in [color=red]un yogurt[/color] = a yoghurt

[color=blue]Z, z (zeta)[/color] as in [color=red]uno zoo[/color] = a zoo