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carla1604Sunday 29th of May 2005 11:12:47 PM
Italian PHRASES 03 - Italian PHRASES 03
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[color=red]BASIC CONVERSATION[/color]

How are you doing?
Come stai?
Come sta?

I'm doing great!
Sto benissimo!

I'm fine
Sto bene

I'm alright
Sto abbastanza bene

I'm not so well
Non sto tanto bene – Sto così così

How old are you?
Quanti anni hai?
Quanti anni ha?

I'm ... years old
Ho … anni

I don't know
Non lo so

I don't like that
Non mi piace

I'm ready
Sono pronto (said by a man)
Sono pronta (said by a woman)

Let's go!

I'm sorry
Mi dispiace

ZackMonday 30th of May 2005 08:37:43 AM
- When you say "sto bene", why wouldn't you say "sono bene" instead. I thought that sono could be used as "I am." Is it only when one is saying something like "Sono dall'America"?
carla1604Tuesday 31st of May 2005 05:34:00 AM
- Hi Zack, :)
"Sto bene" and "sto male" are idiomatic expressions. I don't know why we use stare instead of essere. "Sono bene" or "sono male" would sound odd. :D

You are right, "sono" = "I am". Usually, when introducing oneself or talking about oneself, "sono" is mostly used.

Here are some other expressions with "sono":
sono americano - I'm from America
sono uno studente - I'm a student
sono alto 1.75 m - I'm 1.75 mt tall
sono felice - I'm happy
sono triste - I'm sad
sono in ritardo - I'm late
sono in orario - I'm on time

Phlame64Tuesday 31st of May 2005 03:32:52 PM
Stare - Essere (To stay, to be) - Yes they're ideomatic expressions and STARE is used a lot in expressions where you may expect ESSERE. So "stare bene" would mean "to be well" and "stare male" --> "to be ill".

Verb "STARE":

io sto
tu stai
lui sta
lei sta
noi stiamo
voi state
loro stanno

We use "Come stai?" instead of "Come sei?" to ask "How are you?" to a person. ^^