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jeffphillySaturday 26th of March 2005 11:19:40 PM
Italian slang - Let's start a post for italian proverbs and slang

here's a proverb to start:

Si mangia per vivere, non si vive per mangiare!

any others?

cristallySunday 27th of March 2005 04:11:58 AM
- Well,i don't know if this one is the right one for italians,cause to eat for real:))

Anyway,here's another:
Ama chi t'ama, e rispondi a chi ti chiama.

And the meaning:L'amore chiede amore, e la benovolenza benevolenza; sono chiamate al nostro cuore che deve a quelle rispondere.

cristallySunday 27th of March 2005 04:16:58 AM
- Here's another
"Amami poco, ma continua."
"Amante non sia chi coraggio non ha. "
carla1604Sunday 27th of March 2005 05:12:18 AM
- :)

Hi Jeff,
thank you for starting this thread.
I think it would be a good idea to indicate the correspondent English proverb (if there is one) and a little explanation about the meaning.

meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domani (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush)

E' più saggio accontentarsi di ciò che ha un valore minore, ma che si può avere subito, piuttosto che aspettare qualcosa di migliore che non siamo sicuri di ottenere.


cristallyTuesday 29th of March 2005 12:10:57 AM
- "Non si fa mantello per un'acqua sola."
And the meaning:Non si fa un amico per servirsene una volta sola.
Sorry,but i don't know if there is an english equivalent.
cristallyTuesday 29th of March 2005 12:14:25 AM
- "Non da a chi tiene, ma da a chi vuol bene."
Cioè si deve stare dalla parte non di chi è ricco ma di chi ci ama.

ZackWednesday 06th of April 2005 08:17:34 AM
- cavon- this is a word I've heard my Italian grandfather say. He said it means a rude person in Italian. I have no idea how to spell it, but that is how it sounds to me. Just wanna know if that's a real word. I think it is.
carla1604Wednesday 06th of April 2005 02:52:02 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by Zack
this is a word I've heard my Italian grandfather say. He said it means a rude person in Italian. I have no idea how to spell it, but that is how it sounds to me. Just wanna know if that's a real word. I think it is.[/quote]

The word you are asking about is actually spelled cafone.
It's a Southern Italy dialect word. Originally, it used to indicate a Southern Italian peasant, but in a wider sense it means boor, lout, a rude person.

Carla :)
ZackThursday 07th of April 2005 08:19:29 AM
- Wow, thanks. My Italian relatives live in some place called Sprafola. That's probably not the right spelling. Is cafone pronounced cah-fohneh?
carla1604Sunday 10th of April 2005 02:59:51 AM
- Sorry Zack, :(
I couldn't find "Sprafola" in the Italian towns database. Yes, probably that's not the right spelling. Could you give me more information about that town? What part of Italy is it located?

Yes "cafone" is pronounced cah-foh-neh, the e is pronounced as the ai in fair.

Carla :)
ZackMonday 11th of April 2005 08:20:05 AM
- I asked my grandfather and he said the city was Solofra. Haha, I was pretty off. He said it's in Southern Italy, which I'm sure you know. I guess that explains the use of "cafone". I believe his first cousin and some other family members of ours live there.
katichkaThursday 05th of May 2005 08:27:53 PM
- L`abito non fa il monaco.

I think in English it is sth like "C;othes don`t make the person".
Phlame64Tuesday 31st of May 2005 04:03:24 PM
- Lol cool thread!^^ I'll write a few italian proverbs:
ITA: "A mali estremi, estremi rimedi. "
ENG: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

ITA: "A buon intenditor poche parole."
ENG: A word to the wise is sufficient.

ITA: "Chi ben comincia è a metà dell'opera."
ENG: A good start is half the battle.

ITA: "Chi cerca trova."
ENG: Seek and you shall find.

ITA: "Chi non risica, non rosica."
ENG: Nothing ventured nothing gained.

There are many others and of course "cafone" means a rude person. Well i don't think we have so many rude people here in south of italy ^^
carla1604Tuesday 31st of May 2005 04:38:53 PM
- Alessandro, I didn't mean to offend southern italian people :), I just explained the origin of the word "cafone" (I took the explanation from the Garzanti online dictionary). Of course, "cafoni" can be everywhere :D

Phlame64Tuesday 31st of May 2005 05:06:13 PM
- Haha i'm ok! ^^ Don't worry!