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JoeThursday 14th of April 2005 09:53:42 AM
Italian - Please help me learn italian. I'm moving there in two years and i don't know any of the language. I would really apreciate the help.
carla1604Thursday 14th of April 2005 03:18:35 PM
- Hi Joe,
Welcome to Phrasebase :)
Here's my advice:
1. try to learn some basics on your own (there are links to useful websites in this discuss)
2. Look for a language partner
3. Ask me for any help you may need


jeffphillyThursday 14th of April 2005 06:41:20 PM
- regarding the web links, the bbc site "Italian Steps" is really very good, with both audio and written instruction of some early basics. the link is: [url][/url]

also, there are many books to start...if english is your native language, "Italian Made Simple" by Christina Mazzoni is a great self-instruction book. If you learn languages more rapidly.."Italian" by Edoardo A Lebano is a faster review.