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joseph_profitThursday 08th of April 2004 04:52:19 PM
la bella lingua italiana! - Ita: se volete imparare l'inglese in scambio per italiano questo e' il tuo proprio posto di venire. lasciami un messagio. a presto!

Eng: If you'd like to learn english in exchange for italian, this is the place to come. Leave me a message. see ya soon!

Esp: si os quereis aprender el ingles en escambio por el italiano, este es el lugar de venir. Animaros! Escribidme un mensaje! hasta pronto!
Pyros_amanteFriday 09th of April 2004 09:13:14 AM
- Okey!
joseph_profitFriday 09th of April 2004 10:25:10 AM
pyrooooosssss - perche vuoi imparare l'italiano? anche la stessa domanda va per il spagnolo...
concretebrunetteSaturday 10th of April 2004 08:04:06 PM
i'd like to learn italian! - Hi! I would like to Classroom with you so that I may learn Italian. I am an American, with Italian heritage, but all of my Italian speaking relatives have passed away. I barely speak anything...just a few words here and there, so let me know if you are willing to take on the task! Send me an email!
djgirlFriday 23rd of April 2004 12:11:39 PM
- hi how are u? i would like to learn italian.thank u very much
joseph_profitFriday 23rd of April 2004 04:11:18 PM
ok due to high demands. lesson one. - c before "e" or "i" has a (tch) sound. like CHAIR
ch is pronounced like the letter "k" in kit
g before 'e' or 'i' is pronounced like the 'j' in JET.
gh is pronounced like 'g' in GET.
gl before 'e' or 'i' is normaly pronounced like the 'lli' in the word MILLION and sometimes like 'gl' in GLOVE
gn is pronounced like the 'ny' in canyon or a fancy 'n~' in the spanish language
sc before 'e' or 'i' is pronounced 'sh'

And of course one of the hardest or confusing things about the italian dialect is the double consonants sounds. example.:::: ano = anus anno = year
a mispronounciation could leave in a room full of people laughing at you not with you. :P
so i'll go through and show a quick example of the proper pronounciation of the double consonants.

example. 'tt' as tutto ( def: all or everything ) tutto is pronounced like as if you are saying --- haT Trick
get it ?
write in here and let me know if this is being helpful in some way. if i get enough replies ill continue teaching short lessons in here..

a presto!
bella_monaSaturday 21st of August 2004 03:10:08 PM
- ok where is lession 2 ???