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carla1604Thursday 03rd of February 2005 06:17:56 AM
language exchange partner - Hi everybody, :)

I often get PM or e-mails from people asking to teach them Italian. Unfortunately, I can’t help all of them individually.
I think the best thing to do to learn a foreign language is to look for one or more language exchange partners to practice with. At least, it worked best with me.
Here are few advices, based on my personal experience, for a good language exchange. Some of you may find them quite obvious…anyway I hope the following notes will be helpful to people that are new to language exchange.

In my opinion, an ideal language partner should be:

A native speaker in the language you are studying.
Really interested in learning your language.
Some people lose their enthousiasm as they find out that a language is too hard to learn or studying requires too much time
Willing to help you and correct your mistakes.
Humble, respectful
Your partner should correct your mistakes without criticizing you or making you feel uneasy.
Besides, some people may feel awkward to tell you that you are wrong. Tell them you will not get offended if they correct your mistakes and promise you will do the same with them.
More than a beginner
Your partner should already know the basics of your language to communicate better with you.
As well skilled in your language as you are in his/her language
The exchange will not work if one of the partners is much more skilled than the other.
One of the partners might feel uneasy and the communication will take place mostly in one language.
Willing to practice
Your partner should be ready to spend some of his/her time to practice with you on a regular basis and ready to communicate in several ways (e-mail, text Classroom, voice Classroom…)
About your age
This helps but doesn’t really matter.

Remember these requirements apply also to yourself as a language exchange partner! :D

Carla ;)