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jmbosiWednesday 04th of May 2005 11:42:12 AM
Love to learn Italian - Hi. As growing up as a little kid I can remember hearing my great grandma speaking italian, I would love to learn it how ever I dont think my parents can speak very well in it. Can anyone help or suggest any websites where i can hear and read how to speak it, i think I can learn better if I can hear the correct why how to pronouce the words.

Thanks in advance,

ChrisReidWednesday 04th of May 2005 06:31:02 PM
learning Italian - The bbc website ( has some good resources for learning Italian, as well as a series of programs at night during the learning zone that you can tape
I know some other websites but I'll have to check the exact addresses for you
The pronunciation rules are pretty simple - once you get the idea you should be alright!
I'll help any way I can!