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Star_JadziaThursday 02nd of September 2004 09:37:30 AM
Newbie ~ saying Ciao - Hiya all. Can't wait to start learning Italian properly. Have taken a night-time course a few years ago but it was only beginners and I have since forgotten alot.
Have read through a few messages on this site and discovered that Bambi is the Italian administrator here.
So..let me say hi to Bambi ! :-)
Also know a bit of a C in GCSE's (way back in 1990) but would like to pick up a bit more. Also learnt 'un poco' of spanish at school.
I can at least say my numbers up to 10 in all 3 launguages (higher in french)
Can't wait to Classroom to you all
Love Star

bambiThursday 02nd of September 2004 12:01:26 PM
- Hi Star, and welcome to Phrasebase! I'm glad to hear that you want to brush up your Italian and get in touch with your roots; where are your ancestors from exactly?

If you have any questions, doubts or anything about Italian you only need to ask...
see ya!