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LeleSaturday 21st of May 2005 06:13:36 PM
Nice Italian learning site - Hi! I found this nice Italian learning site on the net, and I thought it could be usel to whoever is interested in learning...
Waiting for feedback!!!! :)
nandohtSaturday 21st of May 2005 08:52:43 PM
Feedback - No one feedbacks yet? I feedback. Then what's it? I wonder..
CanadianExpressSaturday 21st of May 2005 11:10:33 PM
Learning Italian - Can I get that Website. I have always wanted to learn Italian.

lilmunchkin361Tuesday 28th of June 2005 12:46:14 AM
- i want it !! :)
phsdawg14Thursday 30th of June 2005 02:36:20 AM
PLEASE - Please post it. I desperately need help!!
macritiThursday 30th of June 2005 09:50:01 PM
- i`ll wait till you`ll say: take it