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eLoMonday 25th of October 2004 07:51:21 PM
trying to learn italian - Hi I'm Erica---a new member. I'm trying to learn italian. If anybody can help me please, I'd appreciate it.


JayveeMonday 08th of November 2004 09:02:29 AM
- hi, erica im also looking for someone who can teach italian.
giukkiaTuesday 23rd of November 2004 07:50:15 AM
HERE I AM! - Hello! I'm 100% italian, and I can teach you italian, if you want!
Let me know what would you like to know!

JayveeSaturday 27th of November 2004 02:52:28 AM
help - hi Giukkia, thats nice to hear. Please send an email at

Hope to hear from yoo soon. thanks in advance
eLoSaturday 04th of December 2004 08:32:30 PM
HELLO!! - Hi Giukkia, it's Elo. Thanks for helping out. Right now I just want to start out with the basics. I know a couple of words, but that's it. Get back to me whenever you have a chance.


JayveeMonday 06th of December 2004 01:46:40 AM
email add - hi Guikka, i would like to ask for your email add so that if need words to translate in Italian, i will sent it to you. Hope its ok with you.

Thanks in advance