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The BattousaiTuesday 14th of September 2004 08:04:52 PM
A pen pal that will help me learn japanese - Im new here so if anyone would like to be my penpal and help me learn japanese it would mean a lot to me. If you decide to teach me japanese in return i can teach you a little english or spanish.
The BattousaiWednesday 15th of September 2004 04:00:08 PM
Hello!!!!!!!!! - Well guess no one will help me learn japanese and i thought this site would acutually help me. Man this is so lame.
zarkannMonday 20th of September 2004 06:21:53 PM
- Well.. did you search on the japanese section in the discuss.. ? you can have the whole basic grammar lol Anyway..i'm not a native japanese, but if you want i can help.