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Daisuke NiwaMonday 18th of April 2005 07:22:11 AM
can some one help me learn japanese - i would like to learn japanese! i know some word not a lot though.
PsyMonday 18th of April 2005 10:16:41 AM
- Dude. I can understand hormonal urges and all that, but keep it to yourself, alright? Not everyone is an adult here. If you want to be a member, and you want to receive the help of the kind contributors here, I recommend changing that icon ASAP. Else I wager you'll be banned soon.

... well, errrm. On the bright side, at least she seems comfortable.
tomokaSaturday 23rd of April 2005 04:19:19 PM
- Hi psy-san, thank you for the advice.

Also, Daisuke-san, thank you for understanding
and the quick response.

I appreciate both of you ;)