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isis920Monday 23rd of May 2005 11:01:53 AM
can someone help me translate a word? - is there anyone who knows both chinese-mandarin and japanese that can help me translate 张 into japanese? i dont need it to be translated as a noun or verb but more like a surname. i don't know if it exists as a japanese surname but i have a japanese friend who says it is a name in japanese, but she just doesn't know how to say it. so can someone please help me? thankyou.
RionSaturday 28th of May 2005 08:08:31 PM
- 張 = chou、ha(ru)、-hari/-bari
Meanings = lengthen/stretch/spread

Names derived from it:
尾張【おわり】 Owari (pl).
幕張【まくはり】 Makuhari (pl).
名張【なばり】 Nabari (pl).
夕張【ゆうばり】 Yuubari (pl).
尾張旭【おわりあさひ】 Owariasahi (pl).

I hope that helps, but I doubt it...