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madoWednesday 29th of September 2004 12:31:44 AM
Can someone write me a small text please? - Hi there!

Can someone write me a small text please? For practising...
So with a low level, something like this:
"Kei went for a walk in the park (or forest). He saw lots of trees and a blue bird. The bird sang. Kei liked the bird. It sang a beautiful song." It doesn't have to be long, 10 sentences is great. In english and romaji.

I can't seem to find any easy texts to translate, only seperate sentences.

I'd be grateful, thanx!
SebastianSaturday 02nd of October 2004 02:24:37 PM
Ummmm....... heres some that i know - Animals

Neko wa kuroi ga chiisai desu soshite inu wa shiroi ga ohkii desu.
which means:
The cat was black but small, and the dog was white but big.