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fam_466Thursday 12th of August 2004 04:00:56 AM
english - anyone here amereican?
zarkannThursday 12th of August 2004 05:43:59 AM
i'm Canadian - if i can help :P
Bruce B.Thursday 12th of August 2004 07:20:24 AM
american tutors english - Hi, I'm American. I tutor basic Spanish and advanced English. Can i help you? Please let me know. You can teach me things, too. Feel free to PM me and we can arrange a meeting or email exchange. Best wishes

fam_466Thursday 12th of August 2004 03:20:52 PM
languege exchange - hello I got your email and I'd like to be your pinpal and exchange laguages I could also classroomxx with you in msn classroomxx if you've heard of it. try to download it so we can classroomxx if you havent downlaoded it yet. email me soon bye.