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PsyTuesday 08th of February 2005 08:57:38 AM
Experiment - Listen to the News! - Here is an experimental language-learning method that I believe hasn't been tapped much outside of full-immersion and/or high level classes. In making this lesson, I've already developed a firm understanding of the material of which I write, so my perspective as a student no longer exists. So will it work? Won't it work? Haven't a clue. This could be nothing but bologna. Take it with a grain of salt and let me know what you think.

Paul8Wednesday 09th of February 2005 06:56:15 AM
- I think this'll really help some people learn a little. However, it will probably take a while and they'll have to spend a lot of time on it.
kuzzywuzzyWednesday 09th of February 2005 07:26:26 AM
- Psy,

I went through the little course. It's something that I've thought about a lot, as well. That is, learning a language outside of the boundaries of reference of your own. While it is a really cool idea, I don't know how practical it is unless you can live in a place where that language is commonly spoken. As long as you say "think of a child" or "think of personality", I think that even if you are able to associate it with a picture or idea, it's still a picture or idea originating from your own language.

Aside from that, I do think it will help some people to create these associations. Different people learn differently, and this will accommodate some people well. And apart from that, it was fun nonetheless ;)
PsyThursday 10th of February 2005 11:29:15 AM
- Thanks for the input, folks. Guess there's no substitute for the tried and true method: lots of practicing-- preferably in Japan.
Mambo PumpkinSunday 22nd of May 2005 09:19:26 AM
- I've done this with Spanish, but not through a course. I think the visualization method (if it's used correctly) helps people learn and view the language like their first language. It's a lot like using picture-flash cards.