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crazypinoyboiWednesday 22nd of June 2005 01:55:39 PM
Ga and Wa - I know that both indicate the subject of the sentence, yet, i have read alot about the differences, but still don't understand. Can someone differenciate between the two?
PsyThursday 23rd of June 2005 02:21:40 AM
- In Japanese, this is one of the single most difficult nuances for the learner to grasp. I could elaborate for awhile about it, but instead I'll give the same answer that everyone else will give you: no. None of us learners understand it perfectly, and nary a soul on earth can explain it concisely.
kyokiruThursday 23rd of June 2005 03:13:18 AM
- This may confuse you even more because I am a little confused myself about it, but my Japanese friend said something to the extent of "wa" indicated a more permanent and continuing sense and "ga" was more like an immediate or temporary thing.

My Japanese grammar book says think of the topic "wa" as:

" a comment on something that has already been introduced or is considered shared knowledge."

Think of "ga" ( the grammatical subject ) as:

"a neutral description of observable actions or situations or for special emphasis to distinguish a person or thing from others."

Make any sense at all??
AxystosThursday 23rd of June 2005 05:21:31 AM
- My japanese learning books explains it as:

ga: introduces a new topic.

wa: continues with a topic already known by the speakers.

Probably way too simplistic, but I'm only at lesson 6 now. :)
crazypinoyboiSaturday 25th of June 2005 12:34:03 AM
hmmm - yeah it seems to make sense to me. thankz peeepz.