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smartsnail13Thursday 26th of May 2005 07:54:17 AM
Going to Japan! - I'm going to Japan for two weeks in June and I really need to learn Japanese. I've been trying really hard to learn it on my own since my school doesnt offer it. Could anyone help me????!!!!
AndheraThursday 26th of May 2005 10:22:34 AM
- You might want to try the stickied learning Japanese post (the first one in this sub discuss). The lesson there are very helpful, and if you post upp questions, people post detailed and accurate answers. It's a really great learning environment, though I'm not sure how far two weeks will take you. ^^

Good luck~!
Ouka the Werewolf ChobitThursday 26th of May 2005 10:36:56 PM
- Try learn the basic stuff like greetings and goodbyes, formal and informal words for people. Also you can use the translation page on here to look up the words to help you learn it more. I hope I helped you some!
mnormjrFriday 27th of May 2005 06:04:46 AM
- I'm going to Tokyo for a month in June as well. Is their any recommended phrase books?
AndheraFriday 27th of May 2005 10:15:34 AM
- I remember a really good phrasebook I picked up a while ago. It was quite protable and came with and without a pronounciation CD. It was published by a company named Berlitz titled "Japanese Phrasebook". It might not be much to do on, but that is the only recommendation I have. It is really well organized and breaks everything down phonetically, with the romanji and kana accompanying it. Although it isn't a great place to start learning the language seriously, as a travel language guide it seems quite useful. Maybe you'd want to give it a try? ^^