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DoomerXSaturday 07th of May 2005 03:31:13 PM
Hajimemashite - Hello all, this is the first time coming to the discuss. I'm at an intermediate level of understanding. I know there is still much to learn, which is why I came. I'd like to find someone that can guide me into an advanced level. I know a bit of the grammar and around 400 kanji.

For those looking to learn I'll help if I can. I'm not sure how effective my help will be since I learned in an unorthodox way. There are some resources I've found over the past few years I'm willing to share. Let me know what you're trying to learn and I may have something to help you.

Before I go I'd like to say a few things about myself. My hobbies include drawing, computers, video games, and anime. Most of my time and money is spent doing these activities. I know a lot of each (so if you have a computer problem you can ask me about that as well). Currently I'm trying to get started as a digital artist. I hope to turn this into my full time career.
tomokaSaturday 07th of May 2005 07:12:23 PM
- はじめまして :)
(Nice to meet you)

Please post the resources which you'd like to share here:

They would help other Japanese learners :)

Also if you have any questions, please post there.
I or other learners would answer your question.

koko de nihongo no benkyou wo tanoshinde kudasai.
(I hope you enjoy studying Japanese here.)
martingaleMonday 09th of May 2005 03:20:27 PM
. - こんにちは。私はポオランドで住んでいます。日本語を勉強のが好きです。ほんとうに、始めます。私はひらがなとカタカナを書くと読むことができます。100漢字も分かります。