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JamboSunday 24th of October 2004 08:26:22 AM
Hello Everybody! - Hello everybody, i'm Looking forward to living in working in Tokyo next year as an English Teacher and am hoping to learn the basics in Japanese, so if anyone wants to help it'll be much appreciatated!
MakiSunday 24th of October 2004 09:04:02 AM
- Hello, Jambo.

I saw your profile.
I am very sorry that you will stay here in Tokyo at the beginning of the next year...
because I will be staying in the U.K. at that time!

Well, I hope you will find a good teacher and enjoy your stay.
If you have a question about Japanese language or culture,
I (and also other Japanese members, I believe) would be glad to help you out.

* I have to add.
In the Japanese discuss, some members who have learned Japanese as a foreign language
are giving the useful information.
Maybe they are better teachers for you.