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BeanSansJapaneseTuesday 08th of July 2003 06:44:00 PM
Hey, I thought Japanese was big here? - It looked like alot of people here wanted to learn Japanese over anything else. Thats kinda strange since im the first to post?
fuliginWednesday 09th of July 2003 02:15:42 PM
Wanna Learn Japanese - Want to learn Japanese, Will be glad to teach Arabic, Greek, or Even English in return
vivoWednesday 13th of August 2003 07:27:56 PM
Japanese is cool - I wanna learn japanese too. i already know very little, so bear with me. i'm willing to teach some english or french in return (though i'm not so good at it)
vivoWednesday 13th of August 2003 07:31:11 PM
Komban wa peeps - I dunno if anybody else wants to learn japanese, but romaji and a book are not very helpful. but if anybody wants to serch for it's called "easy kana workbook" and you can get it on, it helps you with kanji, hirgana, and katakana, but make notecards, cause those are helpful.^-^
ChiiChan04Sunday 24th of August 2003 10:37:09 AM
not many people here - I thought there would be alot more people here...guess it's still a little new, I found the site through Kanji steps
wordzworthMonday 13th of October 2003 03:40:58 AM
I want to learn - My Japanese is very poor. I have a problem with confidence. I study a lot, but I'm very uncomfortable making mistakes, so I don't try a lot. I have all the chances to practice, because I live in Japan. But I work around Americans, so it's easy for me to be lazy about it. Got any advice anyone.
shockdWednesday 29th of October 2003 07:55:56 PM
- I don't know Japanese at all, but I'd sure like to learn it. If anybody like to help me out, that would be perfect. I'd appreciate it greatly.

to wordzworth:

you should force yourself out there and learn the language. it may be hard at first, but it'll get easier. :)
Leonheart34Wednesday 05th of May 2004 11:30:48 AM
Hanashimasu - If anyone wants to learn Japanese lemme know, i have access to both Instant Immersion Japanese (Software Based, quizzes, teaches hiragana, katakana, some Kanji, with full translator), and Pimsleur Comprehensive Japanese I, II, III used by both the FBI and CIA, check out their website
Pimsleur is totally audio and you can learn Japanese on your way to work, or anywhere you want, working out etc. 90 Lessons, Pimsleur says your level of fluency will be high when these are completed. for more info.
spalodFriday 21st of May 2004 01:03:27 AM
- thanku very much . Even I want to learn japanese very desperately. I will just check that site u have suggested and I am sure it will be quite helpful.

Thanx once again. I can teach Hindi and English if anybody intrested.