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SasamifaySunday 20th of February 2005 08:13:07 PM
How do you get the Katakana and hirgana texts - I can't open certain pages becuase my computer dosn't have the proper texts. I was wondering if someone could tell me where to find it or what I have to do to get it.....
My e-mail is
Arigatoo gozaimasu,
kuzzywuzzyMonday 21st of February 2005 02:35:08 AM
- Sasami-san,

Please let us know what operating system (Windows 98, Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.) and what browser (Internet Explorer 6.0, FireFox 1.0, Opera 5.0, etc.) you are using, and I'm sure we can help you out!
SasamifayMonday 21st of February 2005 06:55:46 AM
- I have windows XP and internet explorer 6.0 but the thing is every time I try to laod the Eastern language files to my computer they keep telling me that the files are missing on my windows XP home edition cd.....
kuzzywuzzyMonday 21st of February 2005 07:46:44 AM
- Well here is a link about Enabling East Asian support and the IME:

As for the files... if you're using the same CD that you used to install XP, it should definitely have the East Asian language files. When it asks for it, just put the CD in and tell it which drive to access.