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wasilSaturday 09th of April 2005 12:45:08 AM
How to add japanese fonts to windows xp - Pls help me with adding japanese fonts to windows XP.
masa2Saturday 09th of April 2005 07:13:25 AM
Download Microsoft JP package - then, go to "Control Panel" to change "Language."
wasilSaturday 09th of April 2005 01:05:42 PM
- I dont have japanese fonts and I can't use them becouse I haven't got them. I can't use your method on my PC.
masa2Tuesday 12th of April 2005 05:47:31 AM
go to the website of Microsoft - then, download the package of japanese software. it's free. if you're using windows, it must work. if you don't understand what i'm talking about, reaserch about basic how-to-use a computer on internet by yourself. i'm not too familiar with this matter to teach you from scratch.
marusharuTuesday 12th of April 2005 07:21:16 AM
Try - Try in the next link:

On this site you can learn about the topic taht you need.
wasilTuesday 12th of April 2005 08:24:57 PM
- masa2 if you don't know answer for my question, then why you posting those silly posts, I was aking people who know answer? :/

big thx marusharu.
masa2Wednesday 13th of April 2005 09:04:51 AM
- wasil i just tried to help you with as much I know about as possible. if you don't understand what I said, sorry, it's useless for you and forget about it. i'm still wondering you ever searched about it on the net, though.
Saturday 16th of April 2005 11:37:03 AM
I think Masa2 is correct... - Why are you getting mad? At least he is trying to help you. If you think that he is giving you wrong information then why follow it? So please do not get mad to those who are trying to help you, cause maybe they have the solution to your damn problem. Also next time why do not you go and find the solution by yourself.