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Ouka the Werewolf ChobitWednesday 01st of June 2005 12:34:50 AM
How to describe WWE and the WWE Superstars in Japan - Okay, now I know that WWE is a big thing in Japan because I saw the specials they did in December at Japan. Everybody was going crazy. Anyway, if you saw my cry out for help in the Japanese Lesson thread, I would like to have help with saying sentences concerning and describing the WWE Superstars and WWE itself. Here is somemore sentences I would like to be translated:

"I love WWE and it is my life."
"John Cena is the true WWE Champion of our generation."
"Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship."

PsyWednesday 01st of June 2005 10:39:32 AM
- Wow. Wasn't aware anyone still cared about that. ;) Before I do the work for you, wouldn't you like to fathom a guess? Your profile states a fair proficiency in Japanese, so it surprises me you should ask for help with sentences such as these, especially without first offering your own pending Phrases. Remember, this is a language students discuss, not a translate-this-for-me discuss.
Benjamin FerreiraWednesday 01st of June 2005 04:20:58 PM
- well, I'm a total newbie to japanese but I might as well give it a shot :) practice makes perfect ;)
At least the first one. The 2nd and 3rd are 2 far for me :D

watashi wa WWE o aishimasu to WWE watashi no raifu desu

PsyThursday 02nd of June 2005 10:08:22 AM
- So much for the guess. Sorry to be harsh, but it irritates me when people dump off translation work without obvious intent to study the language. Since sir Benjamin here obviously has, I might as well mention a few tidbits I've picked up:

Generally, when speaking of loving someone, you say 「"あいしている/います.」 But this is romantic, person-to-person type love (in fact, Japanese people rarely say it! 「すきだよ」, literally "I like you" is a more common way people express loving somene). To say you love something it would be better to say something+が だいすきです, and in this context わたしは isn't necessary. So here's my version: WWEが大好きです。私のライフです。/私の十八番です。But I could be perfectly wrong.

Aye, as they say indeed, practice makes perfect. Keep up the good work, Ben!
martingaleThursday 02nd of June 2005 07:08:19 PM
. - Psy - I like you
Ouka the Werewolf ChobitThursday 02nd of June 2005 09:55:09 PM
- Ooh, all of those are nice. Domo arigato!
PsyFriday 03rd of June 2005 12:32:32 PM
- Forgot to mention something, Ben: と only means "and" between nouns. There are a bunch of ways to join two sentences, but to be honest-- and I have no technical explanation for why this is-- I don't think it sounds right to use them in this case. But for your edification, one way is to change です into で.

And martingale... I like you too, man... yeah... umm... sure.
Benjamin FerreiraFriday 03rd of June 2005 05:27:44 PM
- ありがとうございはす for the explanation
about すきだ, I've been looking for that verb for a while now. Heard it in an anime and although I figured what it meant I couldn't find it, since I didn't notice it's sUkida and was looking for skida :P Anyway, double thanks to you.
PsySaturday 04th of June 2005 09:15:09 AM
- No problem, but you should also know that 好き isn't a verb, but a quasi-adjective. When you say, for instance, おすしが好きです, it's literally "sushi is liked," but the actual meaning is different. Grammaticaly, this type of sentence doesn't exist in English, so try not to compare the two.
Benjamin FerreiraSaturday 04th of June 2005 06:53:12 PM
- I think I can find a similar way to say it in my language (slovene) so I think I understand what you mean :)
ありがとう again :)