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Ouka the Werewolf ChobitFriday 27th of May 2005 01:51:11 AM
How to insult, diss, and cuss someone out in Japanese! - Have you ever gotten mad, and I mean, MAD at somebody?
Tried to shut up that absent-minded blabbermouth who's telling your embarrassing secret?
Can't think of a comeback to a snotty and uppity cheerleader who has just made fun of your new and stylish haircut?
Well here's the post to explain and teach everyone how to insult, diss, and cuss out that annoying ingrate in Japanese, and the other person woun't have any idea what you've just said! Remember, when saying ANY English cuss word, censor it with asterisks to avoid any trouble.

DoomerXFriday 27th of May 2005 12:49:01 PM
- I don't know if I really should be contributing to this, but I say why not? Then again, they are good to know, even if it's just to be able to know when you're being insulted.

An easy way to get someone to shutup is to say "urusai". It means to be noisy, but is the way to tell someone to be quiet. If you want to want to establish a bit of authority say "uruse". It's a commanding form of urusai and should get anyone's attention.

The simpilest way to insult some one is to address them with "kissama". It litterally means "you", but it is the most insultive form of "you". It is more like calling them a MF.

Now if you don't want to be so direct, but just want to hint that you don't like the person you're talking to then use "omae". Just like kissama, it means you, but again it is insultive; just not as much as kissama. There is exception to the implied meaning though. Omae is used by guys towards the girlfriend/wife (women use "anata" toward the guy). In this case it has a meaning more like "honey". It can also be used between close friends as a casual way to speak with each other.

When you're talking about someone and want to express your dislike for them, use "koitsu", "soitsu", or "aitsu". They all mean the same thing, but where they're located determines which you use. Think of each one like koko, soko, and asoko when using these words.
tychonSaturday 28th of May 2005 01:32:45 PM
- Then again, using any pronoun to refer to a person higher than you or whose name you know is considered somewhat rude, except in certain cases.

Using a pronoun to someone whose name you know would be akin to acknowledging the fact that you know them or that they're a person with a name, as opposed to a thing.

Teme and kisama are the only forms of you that are insulting irregardless of context, if memory serves.

"Kisamara kuso gaki wa mattaku urusai da na. Nante shitsurei na. Kiero!"

Kisama -ra (you (rude) + plural suffix) kuso (feces (rude)) gaki (child (rude)) wa (subject particle) mattaku (absolutely; completely) urusai (noisy) da (informal copula) na (informal form of ne). Nante (what) shitsurei (impoliteness) na. Keiro! (to disappear; to go out, imperative form)

"You (is swearing permitted in a case like this? Hm.) kids are bloody noisy! How rude. Get the hell out of here!" would be one way you could translate that.
PsyMonday 30th of May 2005 07:45:12 AM
- This thread shoulda' had the subtitle of "or how to make yourself an outcast in civilized Japanese society." But regardless, an even less polite word (so I'm told) meaning you is temae. Technically it's temae, but it's said more like teme--!

Seriously though, you're all above such childish nonsense, right?

*Edit* Japanese characters aren't showing up for whatever reason.
ancsisanTuesday 31st of May 2005 09:37:55 PM
What about the word "baka"?

That should mean something like stupid...right?

Ouka the Werewolf ChobitTuesday 31st of May 2005 10:00:24 PM
- Yeah, baka means "idiot" or "stupid". You could say either "baka on'na" which means "stupid woman" or "baka koneko" which means "stupid kitty". I wouldn't say the second one since I fiercely love cats.
matteodhWednesday 01st of June 2005 09:01:33 AM
stupid fun stuff - I think its more fun to just try and translate slang directly, because then not only is it insulting but confusing adn they have to think about such as
"unko kue soshite shinde."
lit. eat shit and die.
PsyWednesday 01st of June 2005 10:13:22 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by Ouka the Werewolf Chobit

Yeah, baka means "idiot" or "stupid". You could say either "baka on'na" which means "stupid woman" or "baka koneko" which means "stupid kitty". I wouldn't say the second one since I fiercely love cats.[/quote]

I think you're forgetting the fan fan favorite... nOl -- baka gaijin. (this is slang. Who needs the anyway?) Kinda surprises me they'd say shinde instead of shine, (maybe "shinde koi"?) but no matter. It's a better idea to get some command of the language before diving into this stuff anyway.