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cleomauSunday 06th of February 2005 09:47:42 AM
I need help w/Kanji - I know most of my hiragana and katakana but I am,sadly, lacking in my knowledge of Kanji. If anyone can help I would greatly apreciate it! ^^
makotoSunday 06th of February 2005 10:03:17 PM
- Hi, Cleomau. I'm also learning to read and write kanji,now. Here, I try to write in hiragana and kanji so that can be useful for people who is learning kanji.
I think the best way to learn is practicing writing. But I found some tools on the Internet:

I think is quite good to learn.

Another tool you can try is "NJStar Japanese Word Processor. It's very easy to get it. It's good to write Hiragana, katakana and kanji, and at the same time learn kanji. It has very good dictionary.
jaa mata,


cleomauSunday 06th of February 2005 10:22:50 PM
- thanks so much! I'll definately try those both
kuzzywuzzyMonday 07th of February 2005 02:01:47 AM
- cleomau,

Here are some more resources to help you learn Kanji online:

And this one is an offline program:

Hope those help. Good luck!