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Byrd15Friday 07th of May 2004 08:10:02 PM
I WANT to know japanese - I really really really love the japanese culture. The reason why i'm so in love with the culture is just how the japanese are or seem to be. They seem so nice, i mean the they are like modern time of there and the U.S. is like the stoneage compared to them. Plus i'm planning on taking a trip to japan next year with my school. And as always the Anime. If anyone knows japanese and if your japanese yourself can you teach it to me and if willing i can teach you as much english as you want. You can reach me at my e-mail address at or Instant Message me on AIM on IpodCrazy. Thankyou
zarkannWednesday 28th of July 2004 01:05:29 PM
- Welcome in the Club :P i also like alors the Japanese culture and plan to fly there one day, but also have to learn Japanese so i'm getting my 12th lessons actually i'm also learning from some books :

Japanese coursebook from living language (recommended)
Japanese Grammar second edition from Barron's (also recommended)
and 501 Japanese verbs from barron's (a Must)


nikiiTuesday 03rd of August 2004 02:08:54 PM
No problem! - Hi there. I know mostly basic Japanese, but am a little rusty(Ok, ALOT:P) at the moment. That shouldn't be a problem if you want me or anyone else to help you! I will be learning Intermediate Japanese in September of this year, so if you want to stay in contact, no problem. I am usually in classroomxx, so if you want to classroomxx there sometime, just let me know! Take care!
zarkannThursday 05th of August 2004 11:56:19 AM
lol thats true :P - yeah nikii is almost all the time in the classroomxx lol well if you want to learn it, follow this like [url]http://www.phrasebase.c../../discuss/read.php?TID=550[/url]

i'm explaning all the basic of Japanese language.. If you have any questions don't hesitate.