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katekoTuesday 01st of June 2004 10:11:32 PM
I want to learn Japanese (I can teach English!) - Konnichiwa! Atashi no namae Kate desu. I've been interested in anime for years, and just recently I've started liking Japanese. I'm trying to teach myself Nihongo, but I'd love some help! I can teach English in return.
KasumiiWednesday 01st of September 2004 06:25:10 PM
- Konnichiwa!! :3 Sessha no namae wa Kasumii desu!! I can help you out if that is what you'd like :3 I already know english... so... o.o;; any way. You said you watch anime, right? So I'm guessing you've seen anime in Japanese? If you have been picking up some language from anime, it may be a little harder to teach you. Most chars in anime use terrible language and grammer, and mix alot of enlgish into their japanese, making everything much harder. If that is how you started to learn, I ask you to forget it all. you can message me whenever and I can help you out. :3
zarkannThursday 02nd of September 2004 05:01:12 AM
Oh well ;) - Ohayo gozaimasu ! watashi ben desu, dozoo yoroshiku.

Japanese anime is not bad at all ! they use most of the time the plain tense and also they use slang but is not bad to learn them :P Anyway, is still better to learn japanese from writing/reading (romanji) before.. take a look on the course wich i'm writing in this section of the discuss.. don't foget to read the grammar too.. it should help you understand Japanese :P

dewa mata !
katekoThursday 02nd of September 2004 11:05:52 AM
- Anime got me into japanese, but I haven't learned any japanese FROM the anime. I'm a japanese n00b. >_<

If anyone can help me learn japanese, it would be greatly appreciated!