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MarajaSunday 13th of February 2005 08:42:57 PM
Japanese lyrics - こんにちわ!

I don't know about you, but my motivation for learning languages has been friends and music. I think learning lyrics, singing along, etc. is a nice way of becoming familiar with a language.
So the idea of this thread is: You post lyrics in Japanese with English translation. I'm not so much into J-pop/rock but there must be some good stuff out there. ^^,
And if possible, post a link where we can listen to / download the song.

Here goes link to song.

ようこ たかはし - ざんこく な てんし の ように
Youki Takahashi - Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze
(The thesis of an atrocious angel)

Zankoku na tenshi no youni,
Shounen yo shinwa ni nare!
(An atrocious angel just like that,
Boy you be a myth!

Aoi kaze ga ima, mune no doa wo tataite mo,
Watashi dake wo tada mitsumete hohoendeiru anata.
Sotto hureru mono, motomeru koto ni muchuu de,
Ummei sae mada shiranai, itaikena hitomi.
(Although the blue wind now knocks at the door of the heart,
Only staring at me and smiling at you.
Something gently touching, busy at seeking it,
Being not aware of the destiny, the eye of infancy.

Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou, sono senaka niwaa,
Haruka mirai mezasu tame no hane ga aru koto.
(Nevertheless you will find that at your back,
There are wings to head for the far future.

Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze,
Madobe kara yagate tabidatsu.
Hotobashiru atsui patosu de,
Omoide wo uragiru nara,
Kono sora wo daite kagayaku,
Shounen yo shinwa ni nare.
(The Thesis of an autricious angel,
From the window, someday you will depart the travel.
With the out-grushing hot pathos,
If you betray your memories,
Holding this sky and shining,
Boy you be a myth.

Zutto nemutteiru, watashi no ai no yurikago.
Anata dake ga yume no shisha ni yobareru asa ga kuru.
Hosoi kubisuji wo tsukiakari ga utsushiteiru.
Sekaijuu no toki wo tomete tojikometaikeredo!
(Sleeping for long time, in the cradle of my love.
The morning shall come when only you’ll be vocated to a missionary for love.
Moonlight show the nape of your neck.
Stopping the time all over the world, I wish to enclose them!

Moshimo, futari aeta kotoni imiga arunara,
Watashi wa sou, jiyuu ni shiru tameno baiburu.
(If the encounter of us two is meaningful,
I must be, yes, the bible to know freely.

Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze,
Kanashimi ga sosite hajimaru.
Dakishimeta inochi no katachi,
Sono yume ni mezameta toki,
Dareyorimo hikariwo hanatsu,
Shounen yo shinwa ni nare.
(The Thesis of an atrocious angel.
The sadness shall, then, begin.
The shape of life you hold.
When you awakened to seek that dream,
Better emitting light than anyone else,
Boy you be a myth.

Hito wa ai wo tsumugi nagara, rekishi wo tsukuru.
Megami nante inai mama, watashi wa ikiru.
(Spinning loves, people make a history.
Without such a godess, I will live.

Zankoku na tenshi no te-ze,
Madobe kara yagate tabidatsu.
Hotobashiru atsui patosu de,
Omoide wo uragiru nara,
Kono sora wo daite kagayaku,
Shounen yo shinwa ni nare.
(The Thesis of an autricious angel,
From the window, someday you will depart the travel.
With the out-grushing hot pathos,
If you betray your memories,
Holding this sky and shining,
Boy you be a myth.

cokbgSunday 13th of February 2005 11:55:16 PM
- HI! I totally sympathize with you. I want to learn Japanese language so that I could appreciate/enjoy their music. I am an anime fan.
I also like J-Pop. I hope we could help each other learn Japanese. I would like to learn, however, the whole language - I know it's gonna take time. But their music a good motivator for me.

kuzzywuzzyMonday 14th of February 2005 09:31:52 AM
- 皆さん、

Good idea! I would love it if anyone could introduce us to some less mainstream music. I will try to post some lyrics later. I found a swing group that I like a lot - Ego-Wrappin'. Is anyone familiar with them? How about Halcali or Rip Slyme? The Brilliant Green is very good, as well. I would like to find some more good jazz, swing, blues, etc. I enjoy J-pop and J-rock, but I would like to go beyond this.

MarajaMonday 14th of February 2005 02:59:15 PM
- おはよう ございます!
Ah look what this turned out to be. ^_^ Exchange of Japanese music. ありがとう, I will try to download (>_< illegal, illegal, illegal) some of this stuff. Then I can upload it to my server and post lyrics and such. :D


I like The Brilliant Green.

The Brilliant Green - つめたい はな
Tsumetai hana
A cold flower

Song here:
Lyrics here:

My fav anime, Noir. This is the opening soundtrack:
Ali Project - コペリア の ひつぎ 
Koperia no hitsugi
Coppelia's coffin

Song here:
Lyrics here:
cokbgMonday 14th of February 2005 09:54:25 PM
- Hello! I can't say anything but that I like Tamaki Nami and T.M. Revolution. I would actually like to get their CDs, but there are none in my country. I have to search for them from the Internet so that I could listen to them when I work.

There are many groups which host anime and Japanese music interests. I am actually a member of a Yahoo group for Tamaki Nami fans.
MarajaTuesday 15th of February 2005 04:01:19 AM
- Ego-Wrappin' - くちばし に チエリ
Kuchibashi ni Cherry
Cherry on the bill

Song here:
Lyrics here:

This is a bit of advanced level. Maybe someone can write it in romaji? That's a bit too much for me. Or just post here if you find the lyrics in romaji somewhere, and translation for that matter. But I like the song. :D In fact I totally dig it. *Goes to PM kuzzy-san*

Em more

Song here:
Lyrics here:

Yet another Noir song by fantastic Yuki Kajiura.
AoginWednesday 16th of February 2005 09:12:04 AM
- Can you please post the translation of Tegami by Utada Hikaru.

Arigatoo goo zai mashita.

Ja minna san.
kuzzywuzzyWednesday 16th of February 2005 11:15:45 AM
- Aogin-san,

I think you must mean "Letters" by Utada Hikaru.


GrisoWednesday 16th of February 2005 05:35:07 PM
- hum ... ok let's play this... click!...
i know it...


NGE !!!!!!!!!
finally i'll know what's in the opening music :D
kuzzywuzzyThursday 17th of February 2005 08:51:00 AM
- I'm sure many of you have heard of Gackt. This is one of my favorite songs by him.


[url=]Download Song[/url]
[url=http://www.senshigakuen.c../../phrases/lyrics/gackt/fragrance.htm]Romaji & English[/url]

I think we should add that if you enjoy any of these songs, you should try to buy them and support the artists :D
MarajaThursday 17th of February 2005 02:59:42 PM
- I will buy music when I turn 18 :p. As for now, I can't use my card online, and yeap.

I will listen to that Gackt guy when I get back from school, arigatou kuzzy-san. :)
PsySaturday 19th of February 2005 08:48:25 AM
- The theme song from 「もののけ姫」of the same title is rather easy to understand insofar as lyrical works are concerned. Amazingly enough, it was sung by a male countertenor by the name of Yoshikazu Mera. Here are the lyrics:

haritsumeta yumi no furueru tsuru yo
tsuki no hikari ni zawameku omae no kokoro

togisumasareta yaiba no utsukushii
sono kissaki ni yoku nita sonata no yokogao

kanashimi to ikari ni hisomu makoto no kokoro o
shiru wa mori no sei

mononoke tachi dake
mononoke tachi dake

I'm going to be mean and assert that you don't need an English translation. Should you decide otherwise, go [url=]here[/url], but you should be fine if you have your favorite [url=]dictionary[/url].
cokbgSunday 20th of February 2005 12:30:14 AM
- Konnichiwa minna-san,

Visited the site and I am happy that this is getting more visitors than I first visited. I agree with Kuzz-san that we should support the artists. It is just sad that here in our country, there are very few artists whose songs get here.

Who are the other Japanese artists that you like?
MarajaThursday 24th of February 2005 09:03:24 PM
- Just thought I'd drop by and post some Nami Tamaki. ;)

なみたまき- Reason

Song: [url][/url]
Lyrics: [url][/url]

cokbg-san, does she have any other songs as good as this one? What's your favourite songs?

cokbgSunday 27th of February 2005 07:30:58 AM
- Arigatou gozaimasu, Maraja-san!

I love Tamaki Nami. I love her songs. My favorite? Well, I got introduced to her with Gundam Seed in Realize. I like listening to Daitanni Ikimashou - the beat and the voice are simply fantastic. I have a copy, but it is in WMA format, and it's just a copy I got in the Internet. Bear with me, but there is no copy of her CD in my country. I complain a lot about this.

Would you believe that she's the reason I want to learn Japanese? I would like to be able to understand her songs.

Again, THANK YOU for the songs.

Are you interested in T.M. Revolution? Well, they are very popular, so I guess you have their songs. In case you don't have them, I have a Remix of their "Heart of Sword" in my website below. B-> (I wear glasses)
MarajaWednesday 09th of March 2005 12:37:41 AM
- Thank you for the illegal sharing cokbg-san ;)

I guess that J-pop is not really my type of music.. I listen to bands like.. Uh.. *Tries to think of something that you will know of* The Killers? If there's anything like The Killers in Japanese then I'd be in heaven. ^_^

Maybe Tomoka-sensei knows more about Japanese artists..