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MakiFriday 05th of November 2004 12:48:40 PM
Japanese traditional vocabulary game - I would like to ask you if you are interested in a Japanese traditional vocabulary game.
This game is called SHIRITORI and all Japanese people have played it at least once in their lives :)

Let me explain it.
You have to find a word. However, there are 2 simple rules.
1) The word should start with the letter that the previous word end with.
ex) If the previous word is しりとり,
you have to find a word that start with .

2) The word should never end with the letter .
ex) You cannot use the word みかん
as it end with .

If you are interested, please reply ;)
Thanks in advance.

*I forgot to add;
You can participate in it even if you don't use Hiragana.
ex) SHIRITORI - RINGO(apple)
- GOMA(sesame) ... like this :)

LaneaWednesday 10th of November 2004 01:54:12 AM
- I haven't catched how to play exactly.
Do you have the next word starting with the same kanji or with the same syllable?
As I know only about 200 kanji at the moment I'd prefer the second.

so heres my try: goma - manga(comic)
MakiThursday 11th of November 2004 07:12:03 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by Lanea

I haven't catched how to play exactly.
Do you have the next word starting with the same kanji or with the same syllable?
As I know only about 200 kanji at the moment I'd prefer the second.

so heres my try: goma - manga(comic)[/quote]

Hello, Lanea :)

In SHIRITORI, the next word should start with the same syllable.
So, your word manga (starting with MA) is a perfect answer ;)

next word: gaikoku (foreign count../../countries)

Does anyone find a word starting with KU?
persidaFriday 12th of November 2004 07:49:39 PM
- Hi!
This sounds interesting, so here i go

MakiFriday 12th of November 2004 10:20:06 PM
- Hi, persida :)
Wellcome to the Japanese discuss!

nori (glue)

*We have a homonym: nori (laver; it looks like black paper)
The pronunciation is the same.

Is there any word starting with RI?
LaneaTuesday 16th of November 2004 02:08:06 AM
- rikai - understanding, comprehension

What about doing sentences (comme dans le discuss francais ;) )
Only for those who want to. Here is mine:

"rikai" to iu peiji ga suki desu.

(I like the rikai-page, for japanese learners really useful try it:


MakiFriday 19th of November 2004 09:58:04 PM
- isu (chair, stool, seat)

[quote]Originally posted by Lanea
What about doing sentences (comme dans le discuss francais ;) )
Only for those who want to. [/quote]

Good idea! :)

Kare wa isu ni suwatte imashita.
(He was sitting on the chair.)
Friday 26th of November 2004 02:59:01 PM
- Suiyoubi (Wednesday)

Kondo no suiyoubi ni, tomodachi to issho ni eigo o mi ni iku deshou. (I might go to see a movie with a friend this coming Wednesday)
PsyFriday 26th of November 2004 03:02:02 PM
- Suiyoubi (Wednesday)

A sentence, eh? Here goes:
Kondo no suiyoubi ni, tomodachi to issho ni eigo wo mi ni iku deshou. (I might go together with a friend to see a movie this coming Wednesday)
tomokaMonday 29th of November 2004 05:40:26 PM
- Biiru(Beer)

Watashi wa biiru yori wain ga suki desu.
(I prefer wine to beer.)

MakiMonday 29th of November 2004 10:42:52 PM
- *eiga (movie)
Eigo means English language.
I know you are not a beginner, Psy. You wrote "wo" instead of "o". ;)

next word: rusu (being away, being out)

Watashi ga rusu ni shiteiru aida ni nani ga attanodesuka?
(What happened while I was out?)
JadokesaMonday 29th of November 2004 10:53:11 PM
- ureshii (happy)

I have no idea how to put in a sentence, though...
tomokaWednesday 01st of December 2004 08:28:24 PM
- ureshii(happy)

watashi wa ureshii desu. (I'm happy)


watashi wa itsumo isogashii.(I'm always busy.)

pinkpassionThursday 02nd of December 2004 03:13:27 AM
- momo(peach)

Momo ga daisuki desu! :q

MakiThursday 02nd of December 2004 01:21:47 PM
- Well, I would like to confirm the rules of this game.
1) The word should start with the same syllable that the previous word end with.
2) The word should NOT end with "n".

And I would like to add one rule for advanced or native speakers:
3) The word should be a noun.

the next word: moufu (blanket)
Kare wa moufu o kai mashita.
(He bought a blanket.)

For native speakers:
op1Saturday 04th of December 2004 07:35:23 PM
- 冬 - Fuyu (winter)


オルガ (Olga)
MakiSunday 05th of December 2004 10:47:35 AM
- Hello, Olga :)
Thanks for participating in this game!

*去年の冬は寒かった。 -Kyonen no fuyu wa samukatta.
(It was cold in the winter of last year.)

Next Word: yuki (snow)
Sono hi wa yuki ga futte imashita.
(It was snowing on that day.)
op1Sunday 05th of December 2004 03:01:58 PM
Hello! - Next word: 着物 - kimono

着物はとても新しいです。(Kimono wa totemo atarashii desu.)
(Kimono is very new).

Bye, Olga
PsyMonday 06th of December 2004 01:13:27 PM
- nodo (throat)

nodo ga kawakimashita (I'm thirsty)
op1Tuesday 07th of December 2004 01:55:02 AM
- Next word: 泥棒 (doroboo)

(Yuube, tonari no apato ni doroboo ga haitta).

The thief went into the next apartment last night.

MakiTuesday 07th of December 2004 06:43:49 AM
- *dorobou ("どろぼう" in Hiragana.)
Your sentences are pretty good :)

Next word: umi (sea)
Umi de oyoida koto ga arimasuka?
(Have you ever swum in the sea?)

op1Wednesday 08th of December 2004 02:31:23 AM
- Next word: 店 (mise)

(Chikaku no mise e sake o kai ni ikimashita.)
I went to the near store to buy "sake".
LaneaFriday 10th of December 2004 03:53:52 AM
先生 (sensei) -

doitsujin no nihongo no sensei wa omoshiroku arimasen kara, nihongo ga yukkuri naraimasu.

(my german japanese-teacher is not interesting, so I'm slowly learning japanese.) Or I hope so... ;) Lanea
op1Saturday 11th of December 2004 02:13:33 AM
- Next word: 苺(ichigo) strawberry

(Watashi wa ichigo ga suki desu.)

I like straberry.
MakiMonday 13th of December 2004 08:58:00 AM
- *"sake" includes all kinds of alcoholic drink.
For example, wine is also "sake".
("nihonshu" is what you call "sake" in English.)

*We don't say "nihongo ga yukkuri naraimasu."
Watashi wa eigo o naratte iamsu. (I am learning English.)

Next word: goukaku (passing an exam)

Kare wa daigaku ni goukaku shimashita.
(He passed the university/college entrance examination.)
op1Tuesday 14th of December 2004 01:00:51 AM
- Next word: 雲 (kumo) - cloud

Tsuki ga kumo ni kakurete, mienai.

When the moon is covered with clouds, we can't see it.
MakiThursday 16th of December 2004 03:54:58 PM
- Next word: mori (forest, woods)

Lanea-san wa Nrnberg no mori kara kaette kita soudesu.
(I heard that Lanea had come back from the forest of Nrnberg.)

*The meaning of "Tsuki ga kumo ni kakurete mienai." is rather "I/We can't see the moon because it is covered with cloud." or "The moon is covered with cloud, so I/we can't see it."
op1Friday 17th of December 2004 01:18:13 AM
- Next word: りんご (ringo) - an apple.

(Ringo ga suki dewa arimasen.)
I don't like an apple.

LaneaFriday 17th of December 2004 02:18:09 AM
- 次の言葉
tsugi no kotoba:

gomibako (dustbin)

tegami wa gomibako ni haitte imasu.
The letter is in the rubbish bin.

KhymeiraFriday 17th of December 2004 11:29:23 AM
- 次の言葉は:
Tsugi no kotoba wa:

Koutsuu-jyuutai (traffic jam)



"Shigoto ni okurete gomen nasai; koutsuujyuutai desu kara."

"I am sorry for being late to work; [My reason for being late is because] there was a traffic jam."

op1Saturday 18th of December 2004 02:30:50 PM
- 次の言葉は (Tsugi no kotoba wa):

犬 (inu) - dog

(Watashi no inu wa chairokute, kuroi desu.)
My dog is brown and black.

aggressiveprinceThursday 23rd of December 2004 12:35:14 PM
- (Ushi)- cow

(Sono ushi wa chiisai desu.)
That cow is small.
AndheraFriday 24th of December 2004 09:28:11 AM
- Iwashi (sardine)

I'm too much of a neophyte to form sentences yet, though this is a nice way to build vocabulary and have fun.
kyokiruMonday 27th of December 2004 01:18:44 AM
- shika (deer)

Santa no shika ga outo-mugi o tabemashita. (Santa's deer ate oats)
TerendulThursday 30th of December 2004 06:26:34 PM
- katana - sword

ano samurai ha katana de yoku nanninmo shinasemashita.
this samurai had many people killed by his sword.

I'm not sure of the correctness of my japanese sentence, so feel free to make corrections...
AndheraSunday 02nd of January 2005 02:00:13 AM
- Namida - tear
SvidrigailovTuesday 04th of January 2005 04:46:28 PM
- だめ
bad, not working
This is bad! (I tell you)
eed505Saturday 08th of January 2005 02:11:46 PM
- megane (glasses)

megane wo nakushiclassroomxxta!
(I lost my glasses!)
AuksasparneSunday 09th of January 2005 11:33:24 PM
- Huh, I am playing this game since i was a little girl :) and i have never known that it came from japan.

it's a great game
wikidMonday 10th of January 2005 12:44:36 AM
- Neko (cat)

Anata no neko desu ka?
(is that your cat?)
eed505Monday 10th of January 2005 01:28:57 PM
- koi

koi wa moumoku
Love is blind.

kashcheiFriday 14th of January 2005 05:41:09 AM
word game - oide (come over here)
Saturday 15th of January 2005 02:38:13 PM
Japanese traditional vocabulary game - denwa otsukatte mo ii desuka
gvwSaturday 15th of January 2005 10:51:41 PM
- denwa (電話) = phone

電話は鳴っています。[denwa wa natteimasu] - the phone is ringing.

eed505Monday 17th of January 2005 04:03:26 PM
- washoku
Japanese food, Japanese cuisine

makotoMonday 17th of January 2005 11:44:35 PM
- KURUMA (car)
車で スペインから 日本まで行けません。
kuruma de supein kara nihon made ikemasen.

(English)-- I can't go from Spain to Japan by car.
(Espaol)-- No puedo ir desde Espaa hasta Japn en coche.

AndheraTuesday 18th of January 2005 05:25:42 AM
- Mai (Linen robe)
saskmattFriday 21st of January 2005 08:22:33 AM
- 痛み止め - itamidome (painkiller)

Itamidome wo nonde, hayaku nemutta hou ga ii.
It would be best to take this painkiller and go to bed early.
AndheraFriday 21st of January 2005 06:52:21 PM
- Megami (goddess)
makotoFriday 21st of January 2005 07:38:38 PM
- mitsu (honey)


mitsu wa totemo amai desu.

English: honey is very sweet.
Spanish: La miel es muy dulce.

makifuSaturday 22nd of January 2005 01:17:42 PM
Hey! - I just started.... So don't expect sentences or anything....

かい-hiragana that's shellfish kai-romaji

I think... I just started learning Japanese today... Hahaha, but I've grown up around a lot of it from my martial arts teachers... But still didn't mean I could have written a single character before today... Ummm, as well, I was wondering how you make the characters, if there is a font you can get or something? because, I have been wondering about this and it bugs me... Thanks

Thanks for starting this game, I can't wait until I get good enough to be able to keep up with you all....
freistilerSaturday 22nd of January 2005 03:01:34 PM
- so , is the next one " tsu "? Tsubu = grain

tylehuTuesday 25th of January 2005 03:59:41 AM
- bujutsu
AndheraTuesday 25th of January 2005 05:22:51 AM
- Tsukiakari (moonlight)
makotoWednesday 26th of January 2005 03:58:00 PM
- ringo (apple)

りんご が すき です。
ringo ga suki desu.

English: I like apples.
Spanish: Me gustan las manzanas.
makifuFriday 28th of January 2005 07:13:39 AM
I'm so bad at this.... - I can't make sentences...

I wish I wasn't so p00r at this...

Nanda kore wa?
(What is this?)
(Qu es?


soredawa mata

If someone wants to help me correct that be my guest.

TinguMonday 07th of February 2005 11:53:51 AM
- gokiburi = cockroach

gokiburi ga kirai desu!
(I dislike cockcroaches)
kuzzywuzzyFriday 11th of February 2005 12:02:19 PM
- 陸送等(りくそうとう)
enlisted man

Watashi no tomodachi ha rikusoutou desu.
My friend is an enlisted man.
MarajaWednesday 16th of February 2005 12:52:09 AM
- 車 (くるま)

私は車を運転できる (わたし は くるま を うんてん できる)
watashi wa kuruma wo unten dekiru
I can drive car.

Okay that's barely correct English but... Oh well. Did I say that right?
kuzzywuzzyWednesday 16th of February 2005 05:09:38 AM
- You are supposed to use the last syllable of the previous word as the first of your word ;) I believe your sentence is correct, though. So from kuruma, I will use a word beginning with "ma".

unappetizing, unpleasant

Kono kabu wa mazui desu.
This turnip tastes bad.
Chibi TenshiThursday 17th of February 2005 06:43:09 PM
- isogashii

Anata wa isogashii desu ka?
Are you busy?
surfin_bartTuesday 05th of April 2005 12:50:33 PM
- ikura
how much

anata no uchi no yachin wa ikura desu ka?
How much is your rent?
martingaleTuesday 05th of April 2005 01:55:35 PM
- 'rainen' - next year
Rainen watashi-wa Nihon-ni ikimasu. (hopefully :)
DoomerXSaturday 07th of May 2005 02:48:05 PM
- "Rainen" isn't supposed to be used since it ends in "N", but I'll continue none the less.

夏 (Natsu - Summer)



RionSunday 22nd of May 2005 07:29:36 PM
- hehe doesn't that mean 'martingale' loses??

tsuyu = the japanese rainy season

Nihon de tsuyu ni takusan ame ga furimasu.
(In Japan, during the rainy season, you get lots of rain. Duh.) I'm sure that sentence is wrong so please correct it thank you!