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Ron777Friday 15th of April 2005 07:09:10 AM
Japanese words - I have a friend from Japan and I was wondering what these words mean.
The first one is Matane wich I hear her use alot.
And sometimes Maido wich she laughs when I tell her that.
I know Matane must also mean goodbye or something like that. I used to tell her sayounara and she would tell me its matane ok. So I guess that is also goodbye.

The Maido thing I think she said its also like saying hello but she says its something that people from Kansai say.

Thanks for any info about these words I would really like to know about that word Matane and where it comes from and how common is this word used in Japanese.

MarajaSaturday 16th of April 2005 04:46:09 AM
- Matane does mean goodbye or see you later... And I believe that maido is also some sort of greeting, but I'm not sure what exactly.
neo_phoneixThursday 12th of May 2005 05:38:12 AM
matane - Yes, matane is an informal way of saying goodbye. It's like saying "catch you later" in english.
DoomerXThursday 12th of May 2005 01:01:14 PM
- If I remember right, matane is a female word. Guys should use "ja na" as opposed to matane.
miya.loveMonday 30th of May 2005 09:11:07 AM
- Matane is the Japanese equivalent of "Talk to you later!" All people use this; both males and females. Jaa means anyway, and na is informal for 'ne.' Matane is technically "Later, right?" It is very common among young people. Not sure what Maido means. My penpal's from Akita. Up north. ^_^v Hope I was some help!
PsyTuesday 31st of May 2005 09:12:27 PM
- Maido is kansai dialect for hello, and apparently businessmen in Osaka use it to greet their customers. Fun, huh?


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Ron777Friday 03rd of June 2005 03:59:44 PM
- Arigato everyone for the reply.
mandarkSunday 12th of June 2005 08:52:31 PM
- Well, there's nothing like a quick look into the dictionary. Let's see:

maido - each time, common service-sector greeting

(answer provided by Edict, interfaced by Wakan, a free download at

There are loads of free dictionaries out there, did people forget how to use Google? ^____~