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Grtferretsk12Saturday 04th of September 2004 09:46:19 AM
kid that would like to learn Japanese badly. Please help me. Arigato - Hello. Im kinda new here and I would badly like to learn Japanese. If you would like to teach me. and be my pen-pal, I have no complainets. private message me and I will give you my e-ail address. I might have spelled some of the words wrong. And im english! gomen. I only know a tiny(i mean TINY) bit of Japanese. Please help.
Paul8Wednesday 09th of February 2005 06:19:32 AM
- I can't be a pen-pal but I ca nhelp you learn the japanese syllabary. If you want I'll post it here in this discuss, just send me a pm to make sure that I respond to this