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musicmakerSaturday 15th of January 2005 06:48:25 AM
kiddy books - There's this AWESOME store near my house that sells Japanese books, videos and CDs. Naturally most of this is useless to me, but I've taken to buying baby books (Dr Seuss-ish stuff) to improve my hiragana reading and comprehension skills. (Baby books have lots of repetition- great for memorization.)

I just purchased a book, the majority of which I was able to translate. It's about a bunch of little colored dots traversing various areas; a red place, a bumpy place, stairs, a mountain, a storm. The title is "Koro Koro Koro". That's the ONLY bit I can't seem to find a translation for- and that word makes up a good half of the book! (sort of like, "I do not like them, Sam-I-Am" I guess.)

Any help here on what "koro" means would be appreciated.

And this is totally irrelevant, but on that same day I also got my hands on the Japanese-language version of the "Phantom of the Opera" soundtrack, and the only word I can really use to describe it is SUBARASHII! (And this is coming from the girl who's seen the Broadway show four times. ^_^)
musicmakerFriday 21st of January 2005 10:19:40 AM
- Pretty please? Anybody?
kyokiruFriday 21st of January 2005 10:45:09 AM
- Are they made by Beans Comics? Cuz if they are, I know what you are talking about.
kyokiruSaturday 22nd of January 2005 09:07:20 PM
- I looked in my paper dictionary for "koro" and found nothing. But when I looked in my FreeLang ENG/JP pc dictionary, it came up as "time, toward, about". So maybe it's "time, time, time"? Just a wild guess. Does that make sense with the story you translated?
musicmakerMonday 24th of January 2005 02:01:45 AM
- "forward, forward, forward", maybe? The whole premise seemed to be these little colored dots moving across various surfaces from a beginning to an end, so that actually makes a LOT of sense.