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Anne_MayMonday 11th of April 2005 08:57:52 AM
Learning Nihongo - Nani yo... I learned a LITTLE japanese.. Woohoo for me. With constant looking up words, I am able to write silly sentences that would not make any sense in a real conversation or letter at all. What I really need is someone to practice with. I don't have any people around me, with even the slightest interest in the japanese language, and practise just doesn't work on your own.. So, if you have always wanted to be a guinnea pig, please be kind and help me (Yes, I love humour =)) I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it! In return I could help you out with some dutch language, should you be interested in learning such a stupid language, lol.. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this post and doumou arigatou gozaimasu!

* oopsy... I found a spelling error in the subject... speeking should be speaking.. Oh heck.. I'll just blame it on my disability ^.^
DaanMonday 11th of April 2005 02:04:25 PM
- ik heb geen idee. misschien is mijn Japans nóg slechter dan het jouwe :p

we kunnen het altijd eens proberen;
GouvernorTuesday 12th of April 2005 04:41:50 AM
I'm interested - I've always wanted to learn japanese, but I dont know what's been keeping me. If you could help me get started in it , I would love to practice it with you. email me at if you want =)

(English and spanish)
jordanWednesday 04th of May 2005 01:32:31 AM
nihongo koukan (Japa - I would love to exchange Japanese for Dutch.

Ik kan Nederlands goed spreken niet. Mijn vader komt uit Nederland maar ik kom uit Amerika. En het huis, wij Nederlands niet spreken.

I have lived in Japan for 5 years and read and write as well as speak. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Can you read hiragana and katakana? That is the best place to start. はじまりましょう (let's get started)
DoomerXSaturday 07th of May 2005 01:40:17 PM
- Hello Anne. I'm not fluent, but I do know a pretty good amount of Japanese. I've gone through a few websites and books, so I know of some resources to help out. I can speak, read, write, and listen in Japanese, but I'm not fluent just yet.