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NanashiFriday 20th of August 2004 07:39:59 AM
Looking for Japanese Teacher/PenPal - Hello. I am very interested in Japanese culture. I currently am working on several manga, and I love to draw anime. No, I'm not some Japanese Poser Wannabe, but I am very interested in world culture. The Japanese culture has grabbed my attention when I was very young and first picked up my first manga. Ever since then, I've strived to teach myself the language so i can one day travel to Japan. I love to draw, and would love to meet another artist, or just someone who would be willing to help me learn their culture and language!
nikiiFriday 20th of August 2004 08:20:18 PM
hey - Haha...I'm an artist:P I haven't drawn for so long, I have a very bad artist's block though... My computer is also screwed up(Broken CD drive, extra slow....), and so i don't really have any way of using my computer to draw right now:( Hehe....I just realized how much i hate my computer now...:) Anyways....I'm also an artist:) I also love the Japanese culture and language...So if you need any help with Japanese, feel free to ask me:)
NanashiTuesday 24th of August 2004 07:55:18 AM
^^ - Why thank you! Yes, i'd love to know anything about the Japanese language. I've done some reading on my own, but dont know very much at all! LoL The grammatical structure still confuses me. ^^ I'd love to hear more from you on email perhaps? Thank you for your tiem to reply! I'd love to see some of your art thatyou have done. Do you have a deviantart account?>