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CrimsonWolfWednesday 12th of May 2004 08:49:33 AM
Need advice - Ok, what is the best approach to learning Japanese on your own. Do I start with hiragana or katakana or kaji or romaji? and what is the best text out there for references? I would really appreciate it if someone could help me get started. And if there are any native Japanese speakers out there who are looking for an American pen-pal or correspondent please let me know. Thanks.
nikiiThursday 29th of July 2004 11:15:40 PM
This is late, but... - Well, it depends on you...Which is easiest for you? I recommend learning romaji 1st(the english style characters), so you can get used to pronuncation (definately learn pronunciation first). Then, try to learn Kana (hira/kata). Kanji can be extremely difficult to learn and memorize, so definately start with the Kana's. But also try to learn a few phrases first as well, and learn how to use them. The best way to try to learn Japanese, is to try to learn from a fluent Japanese speaker/teacher. As for text references, try to find books on basic japanese and grammar. And get references from Japanese teachers as well.
zarkannFriday 30th of July 2004 05:08:44 AM
Well - i'm learning Japanese actually and i'm getting better with Pronounciation qith Romanji and can understand a conversation, also make phrases but i don't know pratically anything about Kana,Hira and Kanji.. definately, like nikii said, start with Romanji and get some Books ! Dictionary, grammar etc.. it will help alots ! :P