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likhinFriday 14th of May 2004 12:24:58 AM
need of som japanese - hi, i would like to know how and from where i get start with japanese. please do help me ...
liltokyo4jesusSaturday 15th of May 2004 07:57:52 PM
hey - When I first started learning Japanese, I got some books that taught me the basics, like Japanese for Dummies. But to help with my vocabulary, I listen to Japanese music and try to recognize anything i know. But I also get the Phrases just in case. Watching anime in Japanese with subtitles also helps. But if you really just want to learn the language and not really get into the culture, sticking to the books might be the best option. If you would like some suggestions for some books or anything else my e-mail is Well, I hope I helped.

~Ja! (see ya!)
christineTuesday 18th of May 2004 08:07:20 PM
Best way to learn Japanese... - through interaction with someone speaking Japanese. It's one thing to LEARN HOW to introduce yourself in a foreign language, but it's another thing entirely to INTRODUCE YOURSELF to someone. Learn how to introduce yourself and post it here in Japanese.

Watashi wa Detroit no 32-sai Christine to moshimasu. Yoroshiku!